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Episode 1:Pilot                                                                                                         Made:29/4/14


In the first episode of the lego show we have two lego figures that talk to each other about two droids [c-3po and droid 116].Eventually one of them shoots the other and says "that was easy" the episode ends.

HOW LONG:21 seconds.

Episode 2:COFFEE                                                                                                Made:29/4/14

In the second episode Darth vader and clone trooper talk about coffee while a battle is happening,Eventually they both go out and buy coffee.

Note:This episode has shooting sounds in it the first episode to be rated PG.

HOW LONG:31 seconds 

Episode 3:Guards                                                                                                   Made:1/5/14

In the third episode storm trooper and Darth vader are guards at the local bar.Clone trooper gets annoyed and sees them he finally talks to Darth vader who decides to do a battle with Clone trooper over the bar.

Finally Clone trooper dies and goes into 3 pieces he is later rebuilt as clone trooper again now Darth vader runs the local bar which is going to be seen in many more episodes.

HOW LONG:5 minutes 58 seconds

Episode 4:The lego show special spectacular [part 1]                                             Made:3/5/14

In the first part of the lego show spectacular episode Darth vader tells his part of the story of why C-3PO, Droid 116 and Clone trooper hate him.

The next episode is to be guessed as the second part of the lego show special spectaacular.

HOW LONG:2 minutes 1 seconds

Episode 5:The lego show special spectacular [part 2]                                            Made:19/5/14

In the second part of the lego show spectacular Clone trooper tells his part of the story of why Darth vader and storm trooper hate him.

HOW LONG:1 minute 57 seconds

Episode 6:Club soda                                                                                              Made:4/6/14

In this episode Clone trooper buys a club soda that has been poisoned by Darth vader he faints and C-3PO helps him up.

HOW LONG:7 minutes 51 seconds

This episode is the last episode of series one

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