The Simpsons Full Episode 20 LEGO (Brick Like Me

The Simpsons Full Episode 20 LEGO (Brick Like Me. season 25) HD 720p


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Welcome to the page dedicated to the simpsons lego episode it was a fantastic new episode and got OKAY ratings I think it is the best episode of season 25 yet.It had a funny Hunger games reference.It was quite funny I loved the lego movie reference at the end that was so funny.I have added the FULL episode on the page [the screen is kinda weird but it still is okay to watch} Enjoy the funny simpsons lego episode.


Homer wakes up in an alternate reality where everyone and everything is made of Lego bricks. While everyone is enjoying the new world, Homer has visions of his old life (which are from memories of he and Lisa building Lego models) and must find a way to return to the world of 2D animation. The cause of the alternate reality is because Homer was hit on the head by a Kenda Wildwill figure (a parody of Katniss Everdeen from the hunger games. ) at a Lego convention, which Comic Book Guy built. As the LEGO world is a utopian paradise where “everything fits with everything else and nobody ever gets hurt”, Comic Book Guy (who is shown to have a two-sided head) wants to prevent Homer from ending the fantasy, so he sends out various Lego sets to attack him. After being subdued, Homer finds the portal, wakes up in the 'real' world, and acknowledges that his daughter is growing up. Homer even cuts off Lisa's comment on how his dream plot was similar to the lego movie (there were also full-scale Lego construction of Emmet Brickowski and Wyldstyle at the Lego convention) where he says "No, this is a new plot."

The B-plot involves Bart playing a prank at Springfield Elementary, causing it to collapse. Principal Skinner order him to rebuild the school using a Lego set, but Bart uses those same bricks to create a unique structure. When Homer is being attacked by the Ninja and Pirate Lego sets, Bart creates a mighty Lego being made out of bits of various sets and allows Homer to get his hands on the portal to the 'real' world.

In the final scene, Homer, Marge, and Lisa are at the movie theater watching "The Survival Games" (which is a parody of The Hunger Games).


The episode received a 2.0 rating and was watched by a total of 4.39 million people, making it the second most watched show on Animation Domination  that night, beating Bob's burgers and American dad! but losing to Family guy with 4.40 million.

My Rating:Edit

I found this episode really good and way better than any modern simpsons episode this episode I give it an 9/10.

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